Placemakers Queenstown

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Open Grade

Open Grade Teams 2018

Basin Blue

Connor McLeod

Lochie Galbraith

Khierssyn Cooper

Ashton White

Kai Townsend

Dominic Botherway

Lucan Botherway

Sam McAtamney

Matt Attenborough

Harrison Rogers

Isaac Turoa

Oscar Pullar

Oscar Stanley

Josh Viana

Josh Watson

Brandon Wallace

Kassian Aggerholm

Ben Langford

Octavian Rasnoveanu

Franco Bjorck


Andy McLeod

Jimmy Cavanagh 

Basin Red

Ajay Roche

James Ferguson

Sebastian Morales

Jakob McLister

Logan Noton

Moritz Moor

George Campbell

Ben Campbell

Toby Brial

Matthias Breitenberger

Joshua Brady

Jack Gallie

Fin Davies

Tyler Harris

Hugo Johnson

Harrison Miller

Aiden Young

Jack Kilbride

Jonnie Bennetto

Josh Bonnar

Henry Brown


Hamish Noton

Paul Johnson

Basin Black

Logan Waller

Jack Smith

Sam Manulea

Grace Hastie

Loren Edwards

Milo Hyndman

Thomas Hulsman

Lennox Fa'amalape

Tama Dix

Flyn Cashmere-Reid

Connor McIsaac

Xavier Small

Charlie Light

Murphy Sutton

Luca Hall

Harry Seeto

Griffyn Crawford

Max Simpson

Jasper Thomas

Cooper Gilchrist


Rowan Small

Steve McIsaac

* Please note coaches have balanced the teams as best as they have been able to see after a few weeks of training, but for the first few weeks of competition these teams could have slight adjustments, as we just need to make sure these teams are as even as we can get them.