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Senior Registrations 2013

Thu, 14 March 13

If you have not Registered yet for 2013 click here and do it online

If you are coming to play for the Wakatipu Club in 2013 and you played overseas last season you will need to fill out a international Transfer. This is much easier if you do this before you leave as it saves a lot of time.


If you are leaving the Wakatipu Cub you will need to fill out one of these before you go.

Then send it to [email protected] and we will sign it off. International_clearance_leaving_N.Z.pdf

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International Clearances - ALL players who have played rugby outside of New Zealand require IRB clearance before they can play rugby in New Zealand.  Initiate this with your last club BEFORE arriving in Queenstown to play for Wakatipu Rugby Club.  IRB Clearances are straight-foward to get but can take time to process, so start early!